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Monitored security systems are designed to protect your home or business by detecting intrusion, fire, and other emergencies and then alerting our monitoring station.  Our team then responds to the alerts sent by your alarm system by notifying the appropriate authorities for your area (police, fire or ambulance).
While there is debate on whether alarm systems prevent break-ins, most people feel more comfortable and secure in their home or office knowing that   if a break-in did occur, a security system will activate sounds, lights and notify authorities.

Additionally, there may be benefits provided by simply having a yard sign or door/window sticker warning thieves that the premises are protected by an alarm system. It is difficult to quantify the value of deterrent measures, but every year without a break-in is a good one in our opinion!

Even if you feel safe in your home or business, security systems can be reassuring as they also help you quickly notify the fire department or   paramedics in the event of other types of emergencies.
A standard home or business security system should include:

Control Panel​​​​​: This is the "brain" of the security system, connecting the wiring reaching different types of sensors around the building to your phone line, similar to the way a fuse box manages the power coming into your home and routes it through the wiring.

Keypad: The keypad allows you to arm and disarm the security system. There may be multiple keypads in the home or office, so you can conveniently turn the system off and on from different locations.

Motion Detectors: Motion detectors sense changes in an area caused by human movement and activate the alarm system. Special motion detectors are available for people with pets, so that the activity of your dog or cat does not cause a false alarm.

Door and Window Sensors: Magnetic door and window sensors are connected to wiring which runs to the control panel  when the sensors are disturbed, they send signals to the control panel which activates the security alarm system.